1. Cut your hair every now and then. Fresh starts are always nicer than you think. Who needs split ends anyways.

2. Pick a song you really like. Listen to that song a lot. And I mean a lot. Dance around your room naked to that song, beat the song lifeless till it annoys the hell out of you. Then pick a new song and go through the same process. We all need to really hear music, we need to understand what the song we are listening to is really about.

3. Paint your toes black, make it as perfect as possible. Then, scratch it off. Remember nothing is permanent.

4. Go on a run with your dog. Try to race him and beat him. Realize you can out run many things. Then go back and pet your dog, realize that some things you need to go back for.

5. Decorate a plain backpack. Glue on sparkles, glitter, diamonds, newspaper and magazine clippings, lace & ribbon, anything else that may fancy you. Remember, you don’t have to be the same person you were a minute ago.

6. Buy some pretty lights and string them up in your room. Turn off all the lights except for one when you go to bed. Remember it isn’t always dark and lonely. Change your perspective.

7. Lay outside one night. Breathe in breathe out. Accept that you are only one person and cannot do everything at one time. You can take your time. The creator of the stars you’re looking up at did not do it all in one day. Pace yourself.

8. Get up every morning and stand in front of the mirror. Naked, fully clothed, backwards, upside down, who cares how, just do it. Observe yourself. Notice the wrinkles under your eyes from laughing a lot. Count your freckles. Admire your ass. Then name 3 things you love about yourself. You need to love yourself.

Tips from Blossite on how to be okay with yourself. - blossite (via perfect)
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Fuckin made my night.


What? WHAT???


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make me choose - anonymous asked: brienne or ygritte?

"All men die," he could almost hear her say, "and women too, and every beast that flies or swims or runs. It’s not the when o’ dying that matters, it’s the how of it, Jon Snow.”

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reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself
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"Kings" + Final Words

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I love how he drags his hand over the bed like but I don’t wanna get up.

friendly reminder that jensen was actually asleep during this scene 

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

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I want to feel your body next to mine, with our lips locked together and our hearts racing, in anticipation of what may happen next.
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oh the places you’ll go

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Let me tell you about my night.

I went to do my daughter’s hair (condition, comb, curl, etc). It’s a regular thing and when we went to do it she said “I’m not happy with this anymore”. I asked her why and she said she was done being a girl. She hated it, and wasn’t happy. She then asked me if she could get some new clothes, boy clothes. We talked and discussed why she wanted this and what made her decide this. She said she doesn’t like girl stuff. She likes motorcycles, monster trucks, superheroes and football. So you know what we did? She and I cut her butt-length hair and went shopping. $60 later and she has a slew of new “boy” outfits. 

When I asked her if she was prepared to face the kids at school that will make fun of her because they don’t understand she said “Yeah, I will tell them that I’m happy and their opinion doesn’t matter to me”.

Oh yeah…she’s 7.

Wow the support…she’s going to love this when she wakes up tomorrow. Thank you guys.

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Who wants to send a message to Germany?

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